You can reserve your Anyday PA three ways by utilizing:

  • Individual rate
  • Set project fee
  • Wish List packages

Whatever suits your budget and required task, we will help you get it done.

Individual rate

Anyday PA will charge an individual rate to action your task or list of tasks. Every task and list of tasks is individual, hence the individual rate will depend on the tasks at hand and not the hours. Contact us to tailor make an individual rate to suit your tasks and budget.

Project fee

Depending on the project at hand, Anyday PA will charge a set service fee for completion of the entire project/task from start to finish. For example: Arranging, actioning and overseeing home moving; Project managing alterations/renovations; sourcing suppliers and quotes for décor and instillation thereof; birthday party planning and actioning, to name just a few projects/tasks. Contact us to tailor make an individual project fee to suit your tasks/projects and budget

Wish List Packages

Depending on the number of tasks you wish actioned daily, weekly, monthly – prices are determined and are payable monthly. Prices are negotiated to suit your budget and needs. Remember that you may carry over some unused tasks from the current period to the next period, and you may also change some of your tasks each period as well. A Wish List Package contract is implements for each client so ensuring that your needs are met. Contact us so that we can sit together and tailor make a Wish List Package to suit your needs and budget.

* all goods and services agreed to be procured for the client by Anyday PA, will be for the account of the client.



  • What is Anyday PA?

Anyday PA offers you a cost effective, time-saving solution to managing your to-do-lists, daily chores, projects and tasks, by providing you with your very own personal assistant so helping you get it done

  • Why would I use and need Anyday PA?

Even the most organised of us needs a little help with life’s growing to-do list and growing tasks. The answer is delegation, leaving you to focus on the important things in life like family and personal time.

  • How does Anyday PA work?

Simply contact Anyday PA and chose one of the three means below to suit your budget and needs:

    1. Individual rate
    2. Set project fee
    3. Wish List packages
  • What are Wish List Packages and how does it work?

Wish List Packages are customised tasks lists you design, of whatever it is you would like to have taken care of either, daily, weekly or monthly. Every day, week or month; you choose a set number of tasks to be completed, depending on your budget; for a set fee.

  • How much does Anyday PA cost?

Anyday PA’s goal is to offer you a costs effective solution. All the 3 means of utilizing Anyday PA is designed to individually suit the tasks and your budget. Contact us so we can tailor make a rate to suit your budget and needs.

  • What hours and days does Anyday PA operate?

Anyday PA is on call 7 days a week, day and night, for Wish List Package clients; and Friday – Saturday 7am- 7pm for other reservations for your convenience. However, as we are here to help, contact us and we will gladly negotiate times to suit your needs to help you get it done.

  • What types of tasks Anyday Pa can’t assist me with?

Anyday PA cannot assist with tasks that are illegal, illicit or questionable. Besides that, Anyday PA is here to assist with all tasks big or small to help you get it done.

  • What type of tasks can Anyday PA assist with?

Anyday PA is here to help you get it done, and to make your life easier. From the simple tasks of picking up laundry, arranging and supervising of a handyman, paying bills, sourcing items/services, shopping for a present for gran, reorganising seasonal wardrobes, organising a dinner party, travel arrangements, grocery shopping, maintaining personal files, moving house; or to the more complex tasks – Anyday PA will work with you to ensure that the task can be done. Click on “about us” to get a sample of tasks actioned already.

  • Can Anyday PA transport my children to activities for me?

Yes, with pleasure! Anyday PA has comprehensive insurance to ensure that it is fully covered when transporting client’s children, pets and goods.

  • Privacy is very important – does Anyday PA have confidentiality agreements to protect me?

Anyday PA has confidentiality agreements, as well as Wish List package agreements, to ensure that the client’s needs are covered and met.

  • Can I give Anyday PA time as a gift?

Certainly! Anyday PA services are the perfect gift for the new mother, newly moved friend, ill friend, gran, or just someone who needs help getting it done. Packages and gift certificates can be arranged to suit your budget and needs.

  • Where does Anyday PA operate?

At the moment, Anyday PA only operates in the JHB region, however if the tasks can be actioned via the internet, then the service will happily be actioned.

  • Does Anyday PA have preferred suppliers, Handymen, workmen, shops etc?

Yes, due to Anyday Pa’s contacts and industry experience and knowledge, we have a list of reliable suppliers for clients to utilize

  • How do I pay for Anyday PA’s services?

A deposit for the reservation is required when booking Anyday PA services which can either be EFT or Cash. All goods and services procured by Anyday PA with the permission of the client, is for the clients account. Wish List Packages are payable each month

  • How can Anyday PA procure goods and services, groceries etc for me?

Very easily!
- You either furnish Anyday PA with a list of what and where you wish your goods/service to be procured OR
- Anyday PA sends you a standardized grocery, cosmetic, general and specialised list of goods and services, and you tick which is appropriate for your needs OR
- Anyday PA will source, take pictures, obtain quotes and present all this information to you for your selection to meet your specific needs OR
- Anyday PA will come to your home/work and assess your needs for goods and services ranging from groceries, general goods, services, handymen, decor, clothes – whatever the need and action required.

  • How is Anyday PA so cost effective and add value to my life?

Your time is precious to you as well as valuable. Instead of you having to either leave work (resulting in a loss of income/work focus) or miss out on personal/family time to action a task, you can delegate tasks so saving you time and money, allowing you to focus on the important things in life like family and your career. By delegating your tasks, you have complete confidence that the task is being focused on 100% by professionals giving you time to focus on the important things in your life.

Any other questions, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

We are very happy with the service. Very professional and proficent!

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