Wish List Packages

Wish List packages are customised task lists of whatever it is you would like to have taken care of either, daily, weekly or monthly.

If it’s a laundry drop off and collection, shoe repair, script collection, pet grooming, monthly shop, monthly bill payment, etc
– these tasks get actions efficiently and without you having to worry about them at all, just like magic.


How Wish List Packages works:

Every day, week or month, you choose a set number of tasks to be completed, depending on your budget, for a set fee.  You may carry over some tasks to the next period if they are not needed in that current period; and you may also change certain tasks each period allowing your flexibility.

Tasks our Wish List has swished away already include (but not restricted to): 

  • Laundry drop off and collections
  • Pet grooming and inoculations
  • Post /parcel collections and drop offs
  • Home maintenance arrangement and supervision of handymen on site
  • Pool and garden maintenance supervision
  • Shoe and laundry/clothes repair
  • Script collections and contact lens collection
  • Grocery shopping and monthly cosmetic purchases
  • Menu preparation and grocery shopping
  • Gifts sourced and purchased
  • Thank you letters written
  • Appointments scheduled
  • Assisting shopping for elderly client
  • Transporting elderly to appointments and outings  (insurance has been obtained for transportation of clients, third party)
  • Entertainment organizing and booking of tickets, events
  • Carrying and fetching children to sporting activities and appointments (insurance has been obtained for transportation of clients, third party)
  • Procuring schooling goods for scholars- stationery, projects, sport etc
  • Errand running: purchasing garden plants, dropping off of borrowed items, buying pet food, collection of tickets, photos printed, buying décor items, 
  • Monthly travel log books actioned

Please contact us to discuss our Wish List packages so that we can tailor make a package to suit your needs and your budget.
Remember – let us help you get it done!

We are very happy with the service. Very professional and proficent!

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